Sep 30 2016

Different Stuff

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Today is a holiday for the AFL. Can you believe that you get a holiday for football? I’m not one to follow the football, so unAustralian of me. What did we do today? We went to Ikea and then pottered around. I have started making some fabric gingerbread for Christmas. 20160930_152113I have also made some necklaces. 20160930_152057I really like them. I did muck up 4 of them20160930_152103, but I think I can redo them. I popped them up on Facebook and K have an order! 20160930_164756Yay! These ones are for a table to make money for overseas mission. Umm, what else can I make?

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Sep 29 2016

Cassandra sews

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I thought I should also show you that Cassandra has done a bit of sewing herself. She sewed a little dress for her little neice, Grace. She did a great job with only a bit of help from me. When Grace came to visit with her mummy and daddy, we pretty much grabbed her and put it in. Grace is tall, just like her daddy, so it is a top. Next time we will make it longer.20160812_12072420160812_104208Grace is a real sweetie. We are so blessed to have her as part of our family.

I saw a really snazzy top in Best and Lest and I just HAD to buy it. The sequins, when stroked in the opposite direction change colour. A top like this would be great for someone who has dementia…or me. 20160817_150220

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Sep 22 2016

Make and Do.

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By popular demand ( not really), I will show you some of what I have made. I’m so computer illiterate, I now have to figure out how to upload the photos from my phone to here…

I have done quite a bit of sewing in the last month. Who knows why I suddenly get the urge to sew and then go full speed ahead. I actually made my first completed quilt. 20160831_111159Ok, so it was only baby size, but it was still an achievement for me. It was a quilt as you go. I found the tutorial on Youtube. Youtube is my favourite place for someone like me who needs to see things about 30 times before it goes into my head, and even then I will do things wrong every step of the way. Perseverance comes in handy. The tutorial was by MadeByMarzipan.

I have also discovered The Crafty Gemini, I understand her tutorials, so I have made a few items, but you can’t see those because they are for a swap ( sorry Jo).  I have made a few pouches which I love, but once again, I sewed everything back to front, unpicked and did it again. I am not a great sewer, and I am not patient, but I can do it now, because I force myself.20160901_182858

I sewed about 10 or so items20160825_155758 and then discovered that my favourite fabric store had a sale on. Jo annes on Canterbury rd ( located in the Keith Fagg tile place) had lovely cotton fabric for $5 a meter, when normally it is about $15-$20. Alycia who is 16 told me that my breathing changed when I walked in. Excited much. I made an apron for a friend. 20160902_075852 I also made a book cover. It was suppose to be for a swap, but a friend came over and said that she liked it, so I gave it to her.20160819_103843And the  I did what every crafty person does, bought it, had a rush, packed into a draw and haven’t sewn since. Oh dear. Maybe now Dayspring is over for another year.

The next lot of pictures are of things I have made in the past. I have been looking for photos so I can prove that I do make things. I often sew for a purpose, and in bulk. I have sewn for Days for Girls ( menstrual pads). I think that I made about 30 complete packs ( I enjoyed doing that, but haven’t made any for about a year), and Softies for Mirabel for a couple of years ( although last year I didn’t). I’ve made 100 chef hats for Dayspring one year2012-05-02-13-16-11-225x300, 100 fabric swords for another…they all go.img_1036-300x225Pencil cases.DSC_0154Felt crowns ( these were for Dayspring too), every baby recieved one. These were the leftovers and I sold them as a set for $10 on the swap and sell site on Facebook. I was pretty chuffed that someone was actually willing to buy them.2012-04-13-11-51-36-300x225These bunny hand bags. One was given to a little girl who was baptized. I popped in a Bible for her too. The other one was for a little girl fighting a battle with cancer. 188905_10200837303512471_695029876_nAs I said, I enjoy making toys, especially this little monkey.1743439_10203041071725299_1072228146_nI think I have made over a hundred of these tissue holders. I get the tissue packets from Daiso and then whip up a few to give as party favours etc. you can always find one that suits someone.

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Sep 22 2016

A New Year 2016

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2016, wow, how times goes. I still am thankful for the blessings of God. I am still a bit stuck, I cry less often, time ticks on.

Today, I achieved my greatest goal. I decided in October to try and read the whole Bible in three months, and I did. The is the first time I have read it so quickly. I try to read it once a year, but I seriously have only done that about 7 times in order.  I am always reading my favorite bits ( I don’t think I am suppose to admit that), well, I will continue on this new reading plan, it suits me. If I didn’t have the reading, I was excited to get back to it. Yes, the Word is refreshing. It is always encouraging to read of God’s mercy to His people, of whom I am one. I hope that you are too. Btw the picture below shows that my cool nails match my Bible cover. Haha20160918_085823

My family has grown. My grand daughter Grace is gorgeous, and yet stubborn, with her own personality.20160824_164922 I am so glad that she was born. My oldest daughter, Stephanie has finished her Bachelor of Arts, and she did very well. Her husband is still studying, and learning life skills along the way. Lachlan has finished  his first year of a bachelor  of arts science. Alycia will be doing year 11 this year, Camden year 9 and Cassie grade 5. Here is a picture of Camden and Cassandra going to the Boys Brigade dinner. 20160915_181025

Well, you can see that this has been sitting in my drafts for nearly a year. I ended up reading the Bible through two and a bit times. I was aiming for three  times in the year, but alas, I got slack. Still I enjoyed it, and will need to keep up the good habit. Once again I made a yearly Bible chart for the kiddies for Dayspring Day ( more on that later), so I am set to go. I was very happy to have Cassandra who is 10 receive her medal for reading through the entire Bible this year. It is only 4 chapters a day, but so many people neglect to read…..sad.


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Feb 19 2016

Baby, it’s Cold Outside…..

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Yep, it sure is cold. self, get a handyman to fix our gas heater and learn to light the fireplace. Seriously, how can I not light a fire? That is my challenge this week.

My hubby, Jared had his birthday this week. He asked for one thing a black forest cake.

I was very proud of this. I made about three in the next couple of weeks.

I have had this sitting in my drafts for nearly 8 months. I guess I’m not as eager to write these days, the world seems to be going crazy. I now think whatever we write, say or do will be held against us. Perhaps I should just make sure, that I make the gospel clear. People like to say, all religions lead down the same path, but Christianity stands out from all other religions, because we have a saviour. Every other religion in the world says you can save yourself, except for Biblical Christianity. We are all sinners, all our works are like filthy rags, but Christ died for us, so that we might be forgiven and be righteous before God. I’m so thankful, that I have hope.

For the last few months, I have set myself a goal to read the Bible in 3 months, and I did it. I normally read my Bible, I try to read it once a year, but to be honest, I have only done that straight through about 5 times. I normally focus on whatever happens to take my fancy. I have read the NT a lot more often. I found a printable study guide and followed it. Basically it is around 12-16 chapters a day to read it within 3 months. I will put in the link for the one I am using this time in case you would like to do it.


I am doing it for the second time now. My hubby does this constantly, he doesn’t follow a paper plan, he just reads it. He is also a faster reader than me.  Jared actually gave a “talk” to the children last night saying that if a Christian isn’t reading the Bible, they are in open rebellion. Our sinful, lazy selves don’t want to, but we should. Sometimes you have to force yourself to read the Bible, but when you do, you will find it is gripping and uplifting and thought provoking.

Now I’m writing this at least 8 months after I started. Since alot has happened, life does that. My granddaughter has grown. We have been to places, the Melbourne ShowDSC_0182 (5) Dayspring Day. We had a Kings and Queen theme this year. I made so many cookies for the children to decorate. It was a good day. DSC_0152 (6)I made some little felt crowns for the babies. Everyone has to take part 😀DSC_0154Weddings, a homeschooling camp, trips. Maybe I will try and write more often. It is good to look back on.


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Dec 31 2014

Last Day Of the Year.

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Oih, It’s been a long time. So much life in one year. I have much to be thankful for, despite what my head sometimes says. For a long time, I wake up and say to myself ” I don’t care”, it’s not quite the mantra that a mother/wife should have. I redirect my thoughts and say instead “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it”. We all have choices to make don’t we? 10858561_329926607192860_2534142109528080004_n Look at this! I am now a Grandma!! God has blessed Sam and Stephanie with a lovely little girl. She has brought such great joy into our hearts, into my heart. At 8 weeks she is smiling, she smiles at me. I thank God for those dear little smiles. Now the battle is on, who gets to cuddle her the most. So far, Alycia ( her auntie) is winning.
My Dad lived with us for 8 months ( I could write a blog about that), we all survived, but he has moved on to greener pastures. He was reunited with a friend that he had as a teen ( I hear that she looked good in her swimsuit back in the day ), she heard of his loss and wrote him a letter, they met up, and now they are married. It is so good to see my dad happy again. He has someone to make him laugh, someone to hug, and someone to inspire him onto better things. I thank God for my Step mother Barbara. barb and dad
Lately I really want to talk to my mum, I still find that really tough. The other day her sister called, I could hear the same inflections in her speech, that both my mum and nana had. Voice is such a powerful thing.
So my New Years Resolution? To care. To wake up, and to care. To care about my family, the people that I meet. To look after the things that God has given to me, to care for my soul, and to try once again to stop looking and feeling like a whale. It is a new season of life, and people need me. I might not change the world, but I can change the world for someone.
I hope that you all have a good 2015, and even if you don’t, remember that there is a mighty God who is near to all who call on Him.f8bca106b2188087a82af64f0193098b

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Feb 28 2014

Give Away

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Ok, folks, so I am de-cluttering again! I have the biggest postage paid bag ready to be filled with all manner of crafty things. So if you want some goodies, such as the things in the pic, write a comment on THIS post and I will draw a name out of hat in one week. That would be next Friday!! March 7th.  ( I should say that the bread tin isn’t included, duh!)1690017_10203278646744526_272215342_n

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Feb 11 2014

A Wedding.

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My lovely Stephanie was married on Saturday to Sam. It amazes me, that you get up in front of a bunch of people, say a few words, sign a piece of paper, and then, Bang! You are married. Well, it goes something like that. Poor dear Jared, had to give our daughter away, what an overwhelming task to do. Thankfully we love Sam, and know that he will be a good husband for our girl. We will really miss her, her siblings will too, they already do. 1604421_402883813180454_229781736_nPeople expected me to be overwhelmed, considering all that has happened lately, but I’m not. I was so happy for them, I know that they love eachother, and that they are commited for life. It is such a blessing to know that they both know Christ as their saviour. They have started a new family, I pray that God will bless them with godly offspring :D. I will miss Steph, but I think we are friends, we will still talk. My girl is so happy, it is so lovely to see. God bless you both, we all love you.1557705_10203136794638312_1223660861_nThey are both 18, young right? What a blessing for them to rejoice in the wife of your youth.  I will give you more details about the day soon, but for now, this is all that matters…two young ones promising to love eachother for their entire lives, may God give you many happy years, and grace to handle whatever is before you.

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Jan 02 2014

And the Lord takes away…

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It already seems like a bad dream, going off to Wangaratta hospital while we stayed in Bright for our annual holiday. I was loosing my baby, and experiencing labour for the first time in my life. Yes, I have had five babies, but no labour. Stephanie was 2 weeks over due, and after not responding to being induced, they had to do an emergecy because of fetal distress. The next four were planned caesars due to other reasons the Drs saw fit.

After lots of prodding, internal ultrasounds etc, it was confirmed, my baby had died. 14 weeks. They believe that the baby might have been dead for a couple of weeks. I was sent home after 8 hours with some strong painkillers. The labour pains grew stronger until I lay on the bed, in the most pain I have ever had. I begged Jared not to take me to another hospital, he said, you are going….The Bright hospital, was great. I actually got a maternal nurse in emergency, she knew what to do. Lots of painkillers, and me going a little looney on some morphine, I eventually went back to our holiday place. I had my baby at home, a tiny little baby, all in one piece. I was thankful to see this precious little one, although it was very daunting and overwhelmingly sad. I put him/her in a box, and in the morning we took her/him to the hospital. I probably should have brought him/her home, already regrets…..

Already I am hearing that God has nothing to do with this, that it is just nature, perhaps the child was disabled? I want to block my ears, I don’t believe that!  Man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. I have hope because I know God is in control, and that He will use this for our good. How?, I don’t know, but I trust Him. Am I being punished? I don’t know, perhaps..I recall the book of Job, and although I am reserved to call myself a righteous person apart from Christ, I can say his prayer..prayer

20 Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground and worshiped.21 And he said:

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
And naked shall I return there.
The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away;
Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

22 In all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.

I want to be like Job, and not charge God with wrong, not to be bitter, not to falter, but to cling to Him as I have never done before. Now I have a choice, do I wallow, or do I cry to Him to say “Please don’t let me go” Yes, I cling to Him, but in fact, He has me in his hands like Psalm 91:4

He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler. Now I will cry, and suffer physically for a time, but I will trust.2630301-20313b3f03abcde40e99427cab2deb07-fp-973618c743cad51ea5a8d8552706eba6

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Dec 22 2013

Time to wake up!

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Time ticks on, my mind has worked hard these last 8 months. I have battled, and God has pulled me through. I can understand how people can get stuck in grief, live in a fog, not really caring about what is going on around them. I have been lazy, watched too much tv, and have not reached out to others as I should. I am thankful for God’s Word, I can rely on it, it tells me the truth. I have hope, and yet I know that life is short. I am ready, if I should die, I trust in Jesus to save me like no one can do. I have a purpose that does not stop when I get old, or when I am sick, or when I grieve, that is to live for God’s glory, to praise Him as I should. I am waking from my fog,  I will miss mum, I feel for my Dad, but we must press on, we are not without hope or purpose.images (1)


So much has happened, and I want to tell you with some excitement..Firstly, my daughter Stephanie is engaged!!! There is so much to say here, but let me keep it brief. Sam asked Jared for permission to “Date with a purpose” our girl. It was all very sweet. Jared said a few things, and so it begun. There has been a lot of chaperoning, lots of talks, many late nights, many talks again….


1236445_171926929659496_119419500_nThis is Sam, the young man that has won my daughter’s heart. I am happy for her, but I will be a little sad to see her go. The precious thing about daughters is that they grow up and become friends. Love you, Steph, and I pray for both of you, that God will always guide you, and that you may grow together in wisdom and love. They will be married in Feb, so you can imagine what has been going on in this house.

Would you like to know what else is happeing? I am going to have a baby!!! I am 13 weeks pregnant. I pray that God will keep this little one safe and sound as He knits the child in my womb. I am 42, so I know that this is  a true miracle. Don’t ask me if it was planned, it is no one’s business, but yes, every child is planned.  Even if the child is disabled, they are planned. I don’t believe in fate, or luck, God has his hand on everything, and I am happy to be in His will what ever He gives me or takes away. May God’s name be  praised.sam

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