Jan 23 2009

Daddy's last day.

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Being officially Jared’s last day of holiday, we thought we would do something special. Our Aquarium membership is due to expire next month so we thought that we would make a final visit. Camden has been desperate to see the penguins that have just made Melbourne Aquarium their new home. They were gorgeous!img_00751We also did the whole Victoria Market thing. Jared’s highlight is the doughnuts! Actually they seem to be popular all round!img_0045We also checked out the old ANZ bank building. Not quite my style of architecture, but impressive nevertheless.img_0051We also took a ride on the free city tram.img_0094On a different note, I said to my grandfather a few months ago, that people get the face that they deserve, meaning bitter people have bitter faces etc ( I certainly wasn’t referring to him by the way). He disagreed and said that we don’t know what people have been through, some times it could be sorrow or something else. It has taken me this long to think of it this way. We really don’t know what goes on in people’s lives. I have been saddened by a lot of difficult things that my friends have gone through over the year, even though they might not discuss them. We should have compassion and look out for others, after all they might just need a good word of encouragement at the right time.

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