Jan 13 2009

Back again!

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Wow, what a great couple of weeks I have had. We spent a week in Torquay, Vic. enjoying the sun and the beach. Altogether we went swimming at the beach three times, and other times we just climbed rocks and explored!blog-1538

Jared would stay on the beach and bury which ever child wasn’t in the water, in fact he even got his photo in the local paper burying Stephanie! (I will put the photo in tommorow when I get it onto the computer).

We also visited Fort Queenscliff, which we all really enjoyed. I love the history on how it was built to watch over Melbourne’s new found gold supply. Most of my photos are on Jared’s computer because I ran out of memory on my camera, so I will have to wait for those before I go into more details.blog-1555

Here is Lachlan, he is 12 now. I like this photo because it isn’t posed.

On Sat. we arrived home, and not long after Jared’s brother and three of his children visited. We ended up having Indian for tea, it was nice to catch up despite the terrible mess of suitcases spread over the floor.blog-1574Anyone would think a bomb had gone off!

Once again we found another huntsman, a scary big one, this is the result of it being hit with my shoe (not by me may I just add).blog-1576What Jared needed was a hammer, because the stubborn thing wouldn’t die! We had another few marks like the one above, thankfully we have great walls with wipeable paint (they should make an add about this).Sunday we went to Church and the girls had some friends over in the evening.

┬áMonday we went to a Knights and Ladies party, here are the Ladies of the house.blog-1580Lachlan went as a modern day knight (or spy).blog-1589Camden went as a knight.blog-1592The mum of the birthday boy did a great job, with lots of great games, and a homemade laminton castle cake!blog-1596Today we went and looked at pot planters in the terrible heat! Steph and Lachlan stayed home. Steph cooked a few sweet treats! Jared went to the dentist, and now we have two of Lachlan’s friends over for a sleepover ( last I looked they were rolling around the floor and knocking heads!).

It’s nice to be home!

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