Dec 31 2008

Happy New Year!

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be_still_vaLast night we went to a friends house to play some board games. We left Cassandra with Jared’s parents and took Camden and Alycia (Steph and Lach are still at camp), we pick them up today. Our friends live in Upwey where they have limited parking space, so we had a little oppsy with our car getting stuck between two levels. Thankfully a friendĀ  has a four wheel drive so he was able to pull us out. We won’t talk about the strange metal noise that we heard on the way home coming from under the car…ugh!

I’ll just confess now, that I hate Trivial pursuit, because I am dumb! The only questions that I got right were the chick flick questions, how sad is that? We then played pictionary, do you believe that three guys won that?

I hope that everyone has time to reflect and to plan for the year ahead today. That you might consider dedicating this year to serve the risen Christ. Our life is but a vapour, so we want it to count for something…let us invest in eternal treasures.2077720_722432

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