Dec 30 2008

The Great Challenge!

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Monday night Jared’s parents arrived to stay for a couple of weeks. It was Julie’s 60th  birthday so we went out for tea to Sophia’s. The great challenge was to eat the huge meals that were given to us. I ordered a chicken snitzelblog-1442Even I could not eat it all, and that was with Cassandra and Camden’s help! Everyone liked the meals that they ordered. For dessert I shared a gelati with Cassandra, even that was huge!blog-1446Jared had a banana crepe, Julie had some cake with coffee in it, and George had some yummy chocolate thingy, delivered with about 1 litre of icescream scooped on top! We all passed our desserts around and felt totally ill afterward, how piggy was that?

The day after Christmas was a quiet day where we potted around the house doing general cleaning. Lachlan helped Jared paint the played in the bath with her new toys (supervised of course!)blog-1434and I figured out what to do with all of that extra christmas meat, make family roasts to put in the freezer!blog-1435

On Sat. it was Lachlan’s 12th birthday, so we had a little lunch to celebrate, and then he went off with Stephanie to PYV camp. We drove to Bacchus Marsh to drop them off. The theme this year is “Cops and Robbers” they have to dress as one of the above. Steph has a police outfit, and because Lach didn’t have a balaclava I suggest a stocking, he was horrified! Here is a photo of him with a blow up looks ugly don’t you think? Remind me not to go out with a stocking on my head! As it was he “accidently” forgot to take it, ugh!

Sunday we went to Belgrave in the morning and then to the Presbyterian Chruch of Eastern Aust. for the evening. We had two good sermons!

Today is Tuesday. Cassandra is at last asleep next to me. The G’parents just got back with Jared, and I need to think about tea, so see you.

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