Dec 24 2008

This and that.

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blog-1357Yesterday Jared’s parents came over and worked very hard on removing rust from metal  duvas off the pool, then painted them. The pool guy turned up for five minutes to see what was going on and then promised to come back at 7am today, guess what? Yup, that’s right, he did a no show, again! Steph, Lachlan and I went and did some cutting etc for some friends who are preparing for a have always wanted a yellow rose by the front door since my first unit as a single girl had one, and it was beautiful, so…Jared planted me one, and it has just bloomed. This is one of the sweetest things Jared has done for me, remembering, and then planting. Don’t you think that it is a lovely rose?

Today I caught up on the washing (“wow” I hear you say, but it has to be done!) We have recieved a few gifts in response to our cake and bickie tins in our street. I didn’t want to give anyone any stress about giving us anything, in fact, I can honestly say that it didn’t cross my mind that we would get anything, but…We have riecived a box of chocolates, a packet of freddos, and a basket of lollies, and a thank you card! I have been madly writing everyone’s name down so that I can remember them.

This afternoon as “The Basin tradition” has it, the firebrigade arrived to give all the children lollies. I am amazed by how many children come pouring out of the houses, in our street and

It was great to finally have the neighbourhood boys talk to me, they all want more rocky road! Boys try to act all cool, but they can be quite sweet when they aren’t trying to While waiting for her lollies, Cassandra was grumpy because I wouldn’t let her out of my sight..she ran away again today. She walked in bare feet for about 1km! It is by God’s grace that nothing has happened to her. What am I doing? I was tyding my linen cupboard. I couldn’t hear her, so I called, can anyone see Cassie, no one said yes, but I didn’t get up and check, and this is what happens. The side gate was open ready for the pool man, and off she went. She was nearly at the shops, when Alycia found her. She was bleeding from a cut toe.  I did buy an alarm for her, the instructions sounded complicated, but I need to put it on her. I must get distracted too easlily. After the children had their baths, we went off to look at the houses that are lit up. Jared and I couldn’t get over how many people get into decorating their homes with lights, and Santas. I think it is pretty, but I also feel a sadness that Christ isn’t proclaimed instead of Santa.

Have a nice Christmas everyone, may you know the peace that only Christ can give.

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