Dec 22 2008

A mixture of a day..

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What a mixture of a day! I started off sweeping and mopping, while Jared worked on pulling the pool apart. He evidently found a lot of spiders under the liner and experimented with stabbing a few with his screw driver. One spider squirted and he got the dead spider remnants on his face! Eww!! Steph could even see it, yuck! Who would of thought that spiders have guts!

After lunch we had a visit from Lian and two of her three children. They brought gifts with them, yay! I’m so shallow. Cassandra recieved a towel with a frog on it which she has been carrying around all day. Camden got some freaky glasses with some false teeth (they could come in handy when my time comes). Lachlan got some young man fragrance, to make the girls swoon. Lian also gave me a lovely spotty cup with some yummy hot chocolate mix, thank you Lian. While they were here, our new couch arrived, oh man, you should never watch removalists, let alone listen to them. After dropping and shoving, the couch and chair landed in one piece in our lounge. My chair could be a bed!blog-1334I look like I’m in a cocoon! I would like to say that I would emerge as a beautiful butterfly, but I don’t think that the chair has magical powers.

The pool man didn’t turn up again (suprise, suprise). He is now going to come on Wednesday, in the mean time Jared has just asked his parents to come and work on it tommorow. Watch out for those gooey spiders!

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