Dec 17 2008

100 today!

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This is my 100th post! What a lot of blabbing I have done.  Ok, so this is a picture for May Day, but let’s  just say “May you be filled with joy today”

may-day-basket-1-2008 On Monday, I finally wrapped up all of the presents for Christmas. Personally I don’t find it enjoyable any more, I just think that everyone has too much, including myself.  I have tried to buy the children something small or useful. Steph loves books, so I got her a latin book, a history book…Alycia will leave anything on the floor, so I thought that I would get her some stories on tape, Anne of Green Gables being one. Camden has his birthday a week later, he is getting a tent (big enough for all of the children). Lachlan is getting lego and a devotional book by

 Yesterday Jared, the children and I went into the city. Jared had a meeting at Melbourne Uni regarding his Doctrate. we went to the Vic market, the highlight for Jared was the jam donuts. blog-1276I got the belt for G’pa at last… We had lunch at La  Porchetta for free! The waiter dropped a glass that smashed into hundreds of pieces (which landed on all of us), so as an appology we got a free lunch!  We then went looking for Jared’s special American 100% cottton paper for his masters….no can do, must get it directly from the US. We checked out the free kiddies train, avoided Santa, and had a roast dinner at

Today I had four little boys over so their mum could do some shopping. They were such good boys. My children loved the extra company. We made cubbies, played with play doh, and blew bubbles. We also had Jared’s parents drop in on their way from QLD to Jared’s brother’s place. We were suppose to pick up our new van today (jared’s brother’s old one, which we have bought), but it won’t be ready until tommorow.  We just drained  the pool and found some tad

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