Dec 14 2008

Got him!

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At least I hope we did! I went to the bathroom last night, and he was above the door! The door was closed, I was trapped! I screamed, Jared laughed, I screamed again, Jared continued to laugh…and well, you get the picture. Jared eventually had mercy on me (knowing that I would continue to scream), until the horrible BIG spider was dead. Now I think everything is a spider…blog-12511

What a busy, but delightful weekend we have had. On Friday we went to Science Works with another family. With 9 children in total, we had no trouble using up their energy. Jared and I even got a bit of exercise too! The children all seemed nice and calm after the day.

 At night we had our homeschooling graduating night. We were the only ones who didn’t present our children with awards, perhaps I shouldn’t go there. It was nice to see the dad’s thank their wives for putting in the hard yards too. You certainly need your husband’s support when you homeschool. We wives must remember to thank our husbands for providing for us, so that we can. Most homeschoolers are on one income, and it can prove a challenge for some. We have been very blessed.

On Saturday we went (Steph, Alycia, our little friend Anna and I) to see Ellie’s ballet concert. She was fantastic. She had great energy, and perfect posture and moves. It was a long concert though, so I was really glad that I didn’t take At night I went with my girls to an 18th birthday party. It was a square dancing party. Once you get over the “I’m too embarrassed to dance” idea, it was enjoyable. Leah is a lovely 18 year old who seeks after God, may God continue to bless her, and be her strength.

 Today we went to Belgrave, it was a Christmas service.

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