Dec 02 2008

The wheels on the car go round and round…

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What a busy couple of days we have had. On Friday night we went to the Presbyterian Theological college graduation. The night starts at 8pm, so I think that is why the male lecturers sit up the front….to avoid grumpy babies in the pew! As it was, the children behaved. We had a brilliant sermon from Rev Benn. He preached about being men of integrity. He also said that we need strong godly fathers and mothers, something that is not preached about enough these days. Rev Benn, obviously had a godly father, and in turn, he himself is now able to guide and direct his grandchildren in God’s ready for church!

On saturday morning we dropped off Alycia and Stephanie to my mother and fathers to stay a few nights while the rest of us went to warrnambool.  When we arrived we unpacked, and then set off to the beach. We climbed, and enjoyed the sea breeze, ah, beautiful! I love the sea, wild one minute, peaceful and tranquil the

blog-1119blog-1123On Sunday, Jared preached three times at Warrnambool Pressie Chruch. We went to two of them with him. For Lunch we went to the park with the minister and his family, and another church family. It was a great time to get to know them a little. Jared preached on the inspiration of Scripture. Because we know that the Bible is God breathed, we should know that it is without error, because God is truth, He does not lie. The Bible is like no other book ever written, so we should read it, and obey it, and to not neglect it. I thought that Jared did not have the interest of the young people’s service, but not long into the sermon, there was silence, you could tell that people were taking it in…

Monday was a bonus day. We went to Portland. On the way we climbed gravel hills..Jared said that they were flatter after I got up!blog-1143We walked along the

I had a little rest on Monday after tea, and look what I woke up to!


That has to be worth an hours sleep don’t you think? And that my friend is why I never have naps! There were two eggs stuffed into that kettle. Oh, and the chocolate milk was lying on it’s side inside the fridge, without a lid on!blog-1163Here is our first Christmas photo (and probably the only one).

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