Nov 16 2008

Daily doings..

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Well, it’s been a few days since I last posted, what have I been up to? On Friday we drove to visit with G’ma and Pa. It was nice to catch up again, I wish that they didn’t live so far away. It’s only over an hour, but it’s long enough to take up the whole day. I asked them what they would like for christmas, what do you get 80 year olds? G’pa said a beltblog-945to match these shorts, and G’ma a can opener. One thing you have to love about their generation is that they are very practical, and not money wasters. They have always been very frugal, but certainly not stingy with their money. They could teach my generation a thing or too about wants and needs.

 Sat. we went and did a bit of shopping, and had visitors for tea (the ones that were suppose to come last week). I really enjoyed their company, and their beautiful boys. It is hard to imagine little boys sometimes as future men, but thats what they are. What an awesome and great responsibility mothers have..what a happy heart this mother will have when she sees her sons as godly young men.christianmomnetwork5

Today, we went to Church, Alycia went to a friends house, and I slept! Do you believe that I slept for two hours in the afternoon with Cassandra next to me. bedOk, this isn’t my bed, but I thought that it was pretty enough to put on my blog!  I haven’t done that since having a baby….I think I was haggered (don’t know why). Perhaps it the end of the year tiredness, we all get that way don’t we?

Jared is rejoicing over his rose that he planted. I am delighted (that sounds very English) with my beautiful pink standard rose. I love flowers, especially roses, pastel pink ones!blog-942My Beautiful standard rose (thanks mum for prunning it for me!)

blog-948Jared’s apricot rose (sorry, the picture isn’t the best)

blog-947And a beautiful red lilly?

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