Jul 25 2008

All that glitters is not gold!

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Ok, as you can see by the photo, the tv has been sprinkled with expensive glitter. This is what happens when little Cassandra doesn’t get her way. Tonight she just climbed Steph’s bookcase and broke her fighting fish bowl (the fish has survived). Cassie needs discipline, there is no doubt about it, but I can truly say, some children are more stubborn than others…….she is like me!I made some badges for Dayspring Day today (I need to make 100), and some bookmarks. Dayspring Day is a day for children to learn about missionaries, and to encourage them to be one too. The day is in Sept, so I’m getting an early start. Steph also worked on a power point presentation, she has never done one before, so I was wrapped with what she did.

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