Oct 31 2008

The Grumpies and Halloween..

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This morning started with a house full of grumpies, no breakfast cereal and too many dirty dishes..but we tackled the problem head on. We prepared for tommorow, as we will have Jared’s grandparents stay with us for a few nights (that means all tiny objects off the floor, we don’t want them to trip!). First we will be going to a 7th birthday party, and on the way back we will pick them up. Steph and Camden will be staying at a friends house, so that I am able to fit everyone in the car, do we really need a bus??

Today I loaded some photos onto my computer. We found Cassandra with my camera a couple of days, this is her art work..I think I see a nostril.

she was hiding under my desk, um, I think that I need to clean up under there.

We went and looked for a loung again.. Jared has expensive taste!

It’s Halloween today, I knew some pre-teens would come over to our house, but I warned them that I wouldn’t give them anything for Halloween. I did up this card, and actually made some bags, because I didn’t want to turn them away. Yes, they came knocking, but Jared talked sense into me, and said not to give them anything at all. I told them why I wouldn’t have anything to do with witch craft. One of the girls told me that her RE teacher told them that it was actually a catholic holiday…Ugh. I hope she gets a better teacher. I know that wikepedia says something about the catholic church, but we all know what it’s all about now, don’t we?

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