Oct 30 2008

You said how many?

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Yesterday Jared asked me to make some desert for a college lunch. He said that the staff were putting on lunch for the students. I asked him how many students were going to have desert? 20 was the answer, so today I got cooking…I made apple and berry pie, a pavalova, a cheesecake and 12 custard tarts. Jared got home and said, “I didn’t want you to cook for 20, just for some!” Opps! So we ate the Pav, froze the pie, and he will take the rest. I must admit, I thought that it would be unlike Jared to take so much, and make such a scene….Ok, our communication needs a little work. Speaking of work, any idea how many dishes all this makes?

I won’t cook two dozen muffins then?

Tonight after Lachlan was taken to boys brigade, I went out to bring my other children in, but instead got side tracked into kicking a football with a couple of neighbourhood children. I was amazed (and I think that they were too), that I could still kick a footy. It was a real hoot! Cassandra ran back and forth, while Alycia, and two others kicked back and forth. E splashed water deliberatly on me, so I got the hose (very briefly mind you, due to water restrictions), and saturated her….fun!

Before I head off to bed, I just have to show you a couple of bunk beds, how cool are these?

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