Jul 24 2008

Crumbed fish and science.

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Ok, so nothing totally exciting happened today, hence the title. School went on as usual (which is really a blessing because it means that there have been no dramas). After the regular subjects and piano, it was off to Stephanie and Lachlan’s first outside of home science class. Along with a couple of other students they got some private tutouring. They both enjoyed it, Stephanie said that she asked a lot of silly questions. The highlight of the day (or should I say the low light), was that she was asked if she was her 13 year old friends mother!? This is the second time in two weeks that she has been asked if she is “Old” Someone at church asked if she was Jared’s wife? Her dad is her husband? She has vowed to always wear pigtails now, especially when she wears her nice black coat. And yes, we had crumbed fish for tea!

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