Oct 28 2008

After shock..

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After getting over the shock of Cassandra escaping, I now feel up to blogging again (she is in bed asleep), I will listen out for the ringing of bells while I type.

 It was a beautiful day for the fete, plenty of people to buy all the items. We brought home too much stuff..I gave the children $7 each and said “go spend”, so what did I expect…thriftiness? We took our neighbour too, she had Cassandra on a leash, so I actually got a good look around. Check out this book, I really liked the vintage cover.

It was 20c!

Steph bought plants, Camden got a cool castle for $3, and these lovely shades (yes, they are women’s glasses), Lachlan bought a playstation 1, for $15 ( now we feel trendy!!).

 Jared and I took Cassandra lounge shopping in the afternoon.

Nope, we didn’t buy that one!

We went to Church at South Yarra, where Jared preached. It was good to hear him preach again. He preached on the inspiration of scripture. We take it for granted that christians believe this, but evidently some don’t see this as the foundational doctrine that it is.(Sth Yarra do though)

 Yesterday was Pak Arrows, we made wagon wheels for class. Then it was off to Girl’s brigade. When I went to pick up the girls, we had a little drama which is better left unsaid, but I woke up at 5am thinking about it (it’s ok, my girls didn’t do anything)..

Today I have caught up on 6 loads of washing, most is dry already.

 I looked up the you tube videos of the junior PYV camp, to see if I could spot my children. Poor Lachlan was sprung wearing his hat at dinner (What bad manners!), you can’t get away with anything around here. ” A woman is like a tea bag, you don’t know how strong she is until you put her in hot water”

Ok, I admit I just wanted to use this cute photo that I found. I hope that I am a strong tea bag!!

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