Oct 25 2008

Very upset..

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Although we had a lovely day at the fete today, it was overshadowed by the fact that Cassandra got out of the house without anyone knowing. A man who lives down the street named Tony found her crying with thorns in her bare feet, carrying a big red bag (something she found on a rubbish heap). Thankfully she knows where she lives, and so does he, because he found her about 3 months ago, doing the same thing. I am so thankful to God for keeping her safe. She is such a naughty little thing, and right now, I feel like the worst parent. Jared had just gone down stairs and asked steph to clean her up, as I heard this, I assumed she was being watched. So in the time, she had a nappy changed, and the time when Tony found her would have been close to 20 min? I have bells on the front door! Camden put the nappy in the bin, and since the door didn’t open again, she must have slipped out un noticed. Steph was like this, so I have hope that Cassandra will settle down sometime soon. In the mean time, I have just bought an alarm device, so that it will go off when she is more than 5-10 meters away from me. This is no substitue for bad parenting, but It might at least help while we are still in the training process. Right now I just want to cry…I get distracted too easily.

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