Oct 24 2008

What couch?

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Today I sent Jared an email headed “suprise” with this picture as an attachment.

So when he got home, this is what we did…

We haven’t choosen one yet, so If you want to come and visit, bring your own seat!

I finished off some more stuff for the church fete, I would have liked to have made more, but I didn’t!

Some bibs for bubs!

A couple of little chef hats!

A monster purse (only one, pathetic I know, but I ran out of time). The metal zipper looks like teeth. I love these. I made a bunch of these once and tissue holders to raise money for something a few years ago. I thought that the old ladies would buy the tissue holders, but they all dived in for the monsters…who would have thought? It still makes me have a little chuckle when I see one of them with a purple/green or tiger print monster.

Finally some snowball spiders….

In case you want to come to the fete.

Tonight Steph made a roast dinner, good on you Steph!

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