Oct 22 2008

Quiet but busy..

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Spotted around school, I did a bit of cooking. I began by dropping the cream..Thus making me short of the amount that I needed for my recipe!!

But it worked anyway. These are for the college open night tonight.

I then made an apple and berry pie (pictured without the top)

I also made some cookies/biscuits…the word cookie sounds so much cuter don’t you think?

I also learn’t with Alycia about our Australian consitution, especially section 116, all about religious freedom. It makes me want to read the real deal. How did the government change so much in just over 100 years? Have we forgotten to teach our children and grandchildren some really important things? oh, I’m getting on my band wagon again..

This week people in our area are putting out their junk for the junk collectors. Look what was in our street! Alycia has been asking me to keep an eye out for a doll house for a little friend. She was concerned that this little girl had doll house furniture, but no doll house. We saw this, she begged me to bring it home, and then she cleaned it up. I could tell that she wanted it, but because of what she had been saying for over two months, I said that it could be her way to show God’s provision for this little girl. I called up the mum, and guess what, they have a doll house! So now we have a lovely and ¬†huge doll house! Cassandra had a lovely morning with this house all to her self!

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