Dec 17 2016

When they breed.

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The hippos have bred. 20161217_200317I went a bit nutty and made anfew of them. Three I sewed by hand and two I made by machine. The ones made by hand are the better ones, the shape worked better.20161217_200306
Meanwhile the tadpoles are pretty much gone. The pool changed colour overnight. 20161217_151844Cassandra got in two days latter and collected some of the leaves down the bottom. The filter is working overtime. We did find a couple of live ones, thankfully I didnt drink it.20161217_130422

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  1. Jo Butterfieldon 17 Dec 2016 at 11:07 pm

    Wow. The pool colour is so much better. A lovely blue….
    You are starting your own zoo with those hippos

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