Dec 15 2016

Busy, but not that Busy.

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The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! Another trip to Bendigo.20161204_150908Everything that the children do has a Christmas event. Gifts go out to all teachers.

We had a family gathering for Christmas.20161208_200918 It was nice to see my Dad again. He is a busy man these days, but it is good for him, for us to see him happy with my step mum.
We have had a few visits to Gma. She is in a respite place right now, and it is a lovely place, but as the saying goes ” there is no place like home”.
Cassandras birthday is next week and she asked for the pool to be clean. 20161213_144104After scooping out hundreds of tadpoles to be re homed at a local pond, 20161213_145640I shocked the rest with a bucket of chlorine. I started praying that the next door kiddies wouldnt come outside because the fumes got pretty bad. Today it is blue, and I have been scooping dead tadpoles out like a njnja.

I have been working on a gift for my inlaws, but I cant put the picture up yet. I hope that they like it, because I do.

Oh, and here are the two monkeys that I was suppose to show you in the last post.20161130_084840
Today while I watched a YouTube video on homesteading I hand sewed a felt hippo. I love him, he is so cute!20161215_195029

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  1. Jo Butterfieldon 15 Dec 2016 at 11:35 pm

    Hope the pool cleans up well. It looks a bit messy.
    Love the hippo. He looks fun

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