Nov 07 2016

One Week

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It has been a bit of a mixture as far as the week has gone. Sunday week Jared and I stayed in Bendigo so he could preach for Reformation Sunday. I enjoyed, the preaching, the fellowship and the night away. I was given some lovely homegrown flowers, that are still doing well on our fireplace. 20161030_200125Jared suprised me by ordering late night room service. 20161030_212454In nearly 25 years of marriage, he has never done thjs before. The next day we met up with a couple for a late breakfast, it was a lovely catch up.
On Friday we went to the zoo for our grandaughters second birthday. She is such a blessing. She loves giraffes. 20161105_100111She threw her toy giraffe into the enclosure. Alycia climbed into the enclosure, she was her hero.20161105_100037One of my favourite photos of the day was of Jared holdjng Grace’s hand while walking out of the seal exhibition.20161105_11064920161105_092938Here is my baby girl who is ┬ánearly 11. Time goes so quickly doesnt it?
Tomorrow we have grandpa’s funeral…..

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  1. Jo Butterfieldon 07 Nov 2016 at 9:10 pm

    I wish I was still living near there. We could have caught up.
    I’m so glad you have had a good time. Yes they do grow up very quickly. That’s is such a precious photo that brings a tear to my eye. How lovely.

  2. Cassieon 08 Nov 2016 at 6:06 am

    Thanks, Jo.

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