Oct 28 2016

The Garden

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Ok, so the gardennis a bit of a mess right now but we are working on it. Ive offered our 14 year old Camden $20 an hour to work in the garden ( yes, we are that desperate). Older son does not want money even though he had the same offer. Camden will be rich soon. I have gone out for about an hour a day as well. I dont get outside enough, it really is quite lovely. We have a bush full of cumquats. 20161027_142223We wont eat them so I offered them for free on a facebook site, they were snapped up within minutes.20161027_142155
I made a book cover this morning. 20161028_112330I really like this one. I also experimented with sewjng some rope. I had some extra rope left over from operation christmas child. I put rope in for the older girls for a clothes line and some in for the older boys for whatever. Anyway, the one length of rope that was $2.95 made these two bowls. Cool, eh? 20161028_170111I tried putting some bias tape on one of them to see how it would look.20161028_171047
Back to gardening. I think we need to harvest the tadpoles from our pool. yeah, you heard me, tadpoles. Time to buy some chlorine.

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