Oct 26 2016

Away again.

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Jared and I are at the age where we can leave an adult child to be caring for the rest of his siblings. So, Jared and I stayed a few days in the city while the Church had their annual event. It was so nice just to hang out. I was left alone inbetween different events which was lovely. I dont really like the city, but I loved the room we were staying in. There was a spa bath, I had one about two in the afternoon. Yes, it was a lazy but enjoyable holiday. The children came in on the final day for a meeting and then they came back to the motel and went for a swim in the motel pool. 20161006_150654I felt so naught smuggling them in. We then went out for tea. Here is a picture of Jared, I love it. 20161004_132842He looks so relaxed. Those are bottles hanging from the ceiling, but plastic ones

On that  weekend we went to the March for the Babies.20161008_152122 Did you know that is legal to abort right up until birth? Victoria has the worst laws. 20161008_130952I went to parliment on another occassion where a femal politician said that an unborn child did not have personhood, therefore we could kill them. True story. I would rather support a scared, broke, raped mother, than to yell full force that it is a womens right to do what she wants wjth her own body ( cause we all know its not her body,but a seperate body), perhaps even not the same sex as her. Yes, I have lost friends over my opinion, but I believe that a mother and baby are as valuable as each other. There are some great organisations such as The Babes Project that you donate time or money to. It is also local.

Have you heard of Share the dignity? Every Christmas and June, they collect sanitary pads for women who are homeless. You get a handbag new or second hand and then fill it up with essential items. I am a bit nutty. 20161019_142559I have collected bags through the year and have realised that I actually have 30 bags to fill! So far I have filled 21. I enjoy doing practical things and it helps me to realise that so many people just need to be shown kindness and love.

This last week I  have been sewing again. Another tutorial on You tube. They are fairly simple to make. You dont have to be specific on the size, you just use whatever material you have a around.20161023_19451120161023_19445720161026_20403020161026_204013

Stephanie got her haircut this week.20161025_170129 She looks lovely. Suddenly she looks older. She is such a busy mumma with all her study, work and housework.. Meanwhile here is a picture of Lachlan with little Grace ( his neice) on the trampoline. 20161025_162406It does look like a wilderness, we need to garden. At the moment we even have tadpoles in our pool. The kids love fishing in our pool. Gross!

Yesterday I bought 15 dozen eggs. I do this sometimes. 20161025_163825ThennI got the kiddies to go andntake some to allmour immediate neighbours. Now I have to cook. Speakjng of cooking, look what Cassandra made for me. 20161026_074540She is only 10. Not too shabby eh?

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  1. Jo Butterfieldon 26 Oct 2016 at 10:48 pm

    Oh wow Cassandra. Can you make that for me. Well done…
    This is so funny timing wise. I just emailed you then checked my blog… you had done a post… good to see what you have been up to… I’m not getting in to the topic though. Each to their own….. there comes a time where we all should enjoy our own time… sounds like you enjoyed your trip…

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