Oct 01 2016

The Smell of Lillies

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20161001_094742Dont you love these lillies? Jared bought them for me last week. He loves the fragrance, it reminds him of the smell at Cabrini hospital where we have had all our children. They always had lillies. The smell doesnt remind me of the hospital, but of my Mum. Mum loved lillies, she often had them in her house. She wanted them on her coffin when she passed away, but she died when they werent in season…..memories

On a happier note, because of it being Saturday, Jared dragged me off to check out shops for a new matteress. I hate doing this especially when you have an eager salesperson staring at you lyjng on the bed. As you can see, Jared didnt have a problem with it, lol.20161001_113237 When we came home I did some cookjng ready for our church lunch tomorrow and then I finished my gingerbread ornaments. 20161001_164553I also made some hair bands that are reversible. 20161001_19012220161001_190134Alycia my 16 year old just told me that they are not “in” any more. Um.. Well, Im ready for an early night now. We have put our clocks forward ready for the end of Days light’s saving. The neighbours are having a party, so Im guessing we might be awake for a while yet. They normally finish up around 1am. I dont mind the music, it reminds me of the parties that my parents use to have. They often ended in Mum singing to a bunch of friends and Dad tearing up while singing Love Boat. Yep, a great song choice. Haha.

Tomorrow my Dad will be arriving home with Barbara after having traveled around China,img_3679 Mongolia and a few other countires for 5 weeks. It will be good to speak to him agian.

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  1. Bronon 01 Oct 2016 at 9:26 pm

    Nice to see you back in this space. You are busy being creative still which is lovely to see x

  2. Jo Butterfieldon 02 Oct 2016 at 12:27 am

    How wonderful. What a busy day. It’s hard deciding on a matress. They cost a lot too.
    Lilies are lovely flowers. Don’t you love it when your kids tell you what’s in or not.. haha….

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