Sep 22 2016

Make and Do.

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By popular demand ( not really), I will show you some of what I have made. I’m so computer illiterate, I now have to figure out how to upload the photos from my phone to here…

I have done quite a bit of sewing in the last month. Who knows why I suddenly get the urge to sew and then go full speed ahead. I actually made my first completed quilt. 20160831_111159Ok, so it was only baby size, but it was still an achievement for me. It was a quilt as you go. I found the tutorial on Youtube. Youtube is my favourite place for someone like me who needs to see things about 30 times before it goes into my head, and even then I will do things wrong every step of the way. Perseverance comes in handy. The tutorial was by MadeByMarzipan.

I have also discovered The Crafty Gemini, I understand her tutorials, so I have made a few items, but you can’t see those because they are for a swap ( sorry Jo).  I have made a few pouches which I love, but once again, I sewed everything back to front, unpicked and did it again. I am not a great sewer, and I am not patient, but I can do it now, because I force myself.20160901_182858

I sewed about 10 or so items20160825_155758 and then discovered that my favourite fabric store had a sale on. Jo annes on Canterbury rd ( located in the Keith Fagg tile place) had lovely cotton fabric for $5 a meter, when normally it is about $15-$20. Alycia who is 16 told me that my breathing changed when I walked in. Excited much. I made an apron for a friend. 20160902_075852 I also made a book cover. It was suppose to be for a swap, but a friend came over and said that she liked it, so I gave it to her.20160819_103843And the  I did what every crafty person does, bought it, had a rush, packed into a draw and haven’t sewn since. Oh dear. Maybe now Dayspring is over for another year.

The next lot of pictures are of things I have made in the past. I have been looking for photos so I can prove that I do make things. I often sew for a purpose, and in bulk. I have sewn for Days for Girls ( menstrual pads). I think that I made about 30 complete packs ( I enjoyed doing that, but haven’t made any for about a year), and Softies for Mirabel for a couple of years ( although last year I didn’t). I’ve made 100 chef hats for Dayspring one year2012-05-02-13-16-11-225x300, 100 fabric swords for another…they all go.img_1036-300x225Pencil cases.DSC_0154Felt crowns ( these were for Dayspring too), every baby recieved one. These were the leftovers and I sold them as a set for $10 on the swap and sell site on Facebook. I was pretty chuffed that someone was actually willing to buy them.2012-04-13-11-51-36-300x225These bunny hand bags. One was given to a little girl who was baptized. I popped in a Bible for her too. The other one was for a little girl fighting a battle with cancer. 188905_10200837303512471_695029876_nAs I said, I enjoy making toys, especially this little monkey.1743439_10203041071725299_1072228146_nI think I have made over a hundred of these tissue holders. I get the tissue packets from Daiso and then whip up a few to give as party favours etc. you can always find one that suits someone.

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  1. Jo Butterfieldon 23 Sep 2016 at 10:00 am

    Wow, thanks Cassie… you make some great gifts. I love that quilt shop too. I’ve only been there 3 or 4 times though. What is Dayspring though…. I like seeing what you make . It shares ideas.. Pinterest is good for ideas too. Thankyou

  2. Cassieon 23 Sep 2016 at 7:42 pm

    Yep, its a great shop. I’ll write about Dayspring as sokn as my daughter passes on some pictures for me. Its a day where we encourage children to read their Bibles and to share the gospel.

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