Sep 22 2016

A New Year 2016

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2016, wow, how times goes. I still am thankful for the blessings of God. I am still a bit stuck, I cry less often, time ticks on.

Today, I achieved my greatest goal. I decided in October to try and read the whole Bible in three months, and I did. The is the first time I have read it so quickly. I try to read it once a year, but I seriously have only done that about 7 times in order.  I am always reading my favorite bits ( I don’t think I am suppose to admit that), well, I will continue on this new reading plan, it suits me. If I didn’t have the reading, I was excited to get back to it. Yes, the Word is refreshing. It is always encouraging to read of God’s mercy to His people, of whom I am one. I hope that you are too. Btw the picture below shows that my cool nails match my Bible cover. Haha20160918_085823

My family has grown. My grand daughter Grace is gorgeous, and yet stubborn, with her own personality.20160824_164922 I am so glad that she was born. My oldest daughter, Stephanie has finished her Bachelor of Arts, and she did very well. Her husband is still studying, and learning life skills along the way. Lachlan has finished  his first year of a bachelor  of arts science. Alycia will be doing year 11 this year, Camden year 9 and Cassie grade 5. Here is a picture of Camden and Cassandra going to the Boys Brigade dinner. 20160915_181025

Well, you can see that this has been sitting in my drafts for nearly a year. I ended up reading the Bible through two and a bit times. I was aiming for three  times in the year, but alas, I got slack. Still I enjoyed it, and will need to keep up the good habit. Once again I made a yearly Bible chart for the kiddies for Dayspring Day ( more on that later), so I am set to go. I was very happy to have Cassandra who is 10 receive her medal for reading through the entire Bible this year. It is only 4 chapters a day, but so many people neglect to read…..sad.


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