Feb 17 2013

This is Why!

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So everyone loves a selfie these days, but now I know for sure why you hold the camera above your head when you take one :/ So, be honest now, which photo would you like hanging up on your wall?or this one..Not liking he second one? Nah, me either, lol. On another note, I have spent a lot of this week ┬ájust waiting. Picking up Lachlan on a really hot day, waiting in the Dr’s office for Cassandra’s appointment for over 2 hours, taking older children to different things, oih! The weather has been so hot here, it actually makes you feel ill. Saying that though, it’s good to be needed right?we had the college┬ácommencement service on Friday night (it was soooo hot). It was a good night, Jared led the evening, once again showing his knack for being able to do anything he is asked to do. My husband is one of the most talented men I know, and he is humble about it, which is great. Note to self ” loose five stone, and buy a pretty dress to wear for next one”

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