Feb 17 2013

Two Weddings and a Onesie

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My Older children have gone to two weddings in January ( I went to one). It is so lovely to see younger Christian adults get married. I have heard bitter women say “why are they getting married so young, they should travel and study first”, why? Doesn’t even God say that you should rejoice with the wife of your youth? Anyways…I digress. We made another towel cake.I love how my two oldest children looked on the day.The three oldest went to a Onesie party, every heard of one of those? It was a 21st. My children were uncool and didn’t dress up, I would have, but evidently I would have embarrassed them, go figure! The party was for a chap, who takes his onesie wearing seriously (well, that’s another post, lol), most people dressed up for him. What I liked was the way, everyone said lovely things about him, and he responded by saying “Give God the glory” . It is nice to see good clean fun. If you don’t know what a onesie is, this is one

Last week I went to a baby shower, it was lovely. We played a few games, like guess how much everything was (fail), and draw a baby on a piece of paper on the top of your head. I found that I have a talent, who knew!Artistic bunch aren’t we? The host did such a lovely job decorating, and making lots of yummy food.We were asked to write down some advice for child raising on some love hearts to give to the expectant mummy.Stephanie shoved hers into my hand too, so I blabbed on for a bit longer :/My girl has bought a car! Now all she needs is a license! Hopefully by April she will have one we will wait and see.

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