Feb 13 2013


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It has been so lovely to have a family holiday. I wonder if  it might be one of the last ones we have as a complete family, considering that Steph will be 18 in March. We went to Torquay, right next to the beach. I took the kiddies ( or a couple of them) to the beach every day, I love the beach. When we got home we had a few days to catch up on the washing and then we went off again, to Rosebud. We stayed at my sister’s.  It was really relaxing just pottering around. Stephanie had received her entrance into Melbourne University, so they went back at one point to sign up and do what every uni student has to do.During the holiday we also had three birthdays to celebrate. Firstly there was Cassandra’s 7th birthday. We had two families come over, and because Cassie loves craft we got her and her buddies to decorate some plain cheap china cups. They were about $1 and item, and I already had sharpies, so off they went.This is one of the bowls that a child drew, isn’t it cute?Look at this proud little fellow.I’ve already told you about Lachlan’s, but we also had Camden’s. He had a friend over for the night.  Even as I type I am thinking “what do I buy Alycia for her birthday which is on Monday?” ugh! Too many birthdays close together, sooo expensive. But we are thankful for birthdays, it is a sign of blessing, they have lived for another year.

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  1. Gail Ron 15 Feb 2013 at 11:12 am

    Don’t give up on family holidays. keep making them happen. it will build and strengthen your family.

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