Sep 26 2008

Catch up!

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Today was a catch up day,  loads of washing, clean floors, bathroom etc. We also went food shopping and side tracked to Target where the towels that I have been looking at for over 8 months have finally been marked down to half price. The set has a towel, hand towel and face washer. The pink is Cassandra’s and the green will be Alycia’s or Camden’s.Alycia also did some more art work, I like this rose!

Yesterday I drove Steph and Lachlan to the PYV camp in Bacchus Marsh. They have to dress formally for a Brownlow dinner. Steph decided to go looking like a Jane Austin character.

I have to wait to show the DSD photos until Jared can turn on the button that is only invisable to me, the computer downstairs is “offline”, and I don’t know how to put it back on!

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