Feb 13 2013

Silly Me!

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Where has the time gone? I haven’t been very good on my blog have I? Now I can’t remember what I have been up to for the ¬†last few months! I didn’t even tell you about Dayspring Day. Dayspring was in October. This time it was a food theme ( I know a fatty running a food theme children’s day is a little sad). Do you realise how many food analogies that the Bible uses? The obvious is the Fruit of the Spirit, The salt of the earth, Bread of Life…well, you get the picture. I thought it was a good day. I have more helpers now, so things are easier. I ask people what to do, and they turn up and faithfully do it. Of course this involves my own children ūüėÄ Stephanie and Lachlan are still the prayer twins. Jesse came as a giant banana for me, and of course I had Alison be head chef, playing the spoons (she came up with that on her own). Even the PWMU ladies got into the spirit of the day and dressed as the Golden Circle ladies. It was a joy to have some missionaries with us this year, after all this is what the day is all about. I want to encourage the children to be missionaries themselves, he we say we are Christians, we should be sharing the good news about Jesus dying for our sins with everyone. I am hoping to put up some pdfs of Bible charts in case anyone would like to use one. I find them helpful.

Christmas was lovely. We had a few friends over this year, instead of driving for ours to family. I guess that sounds terrible to some, but I think it worked out. It was a more relaxing day, with Church in the morning, followed by a lovely lunch ( if I do say so myself ;). The next day we caught up with family and Gumbaya Park, where I seriously stepped out of my comfort zone. Along with Jared and the children I went on the toboggan ride, the bicycle paddle boats, the go carts with Camden. Seriously, you do not know what fear is until you are the¬†passenger¬†with a 10 year old doing the driving at 30 km and hour! Camden laughed the whole time, and he would turn to me and say “are you scared?” and when he did, the whole car would head in the direction he was looking, towards the wall. Anyhow I survived. We also played mini golf ( a lesson in patience/frustration). I am a cheat, that is all I will say on the subject.

After Christmas I started the big “Do I really need this?” drive. Seriously I have so much stuff. I don’t want it, and yet I am attached to it. I have given away a lot of stuff, it feels so good. I can feel the¬†difference¬†in the air. Ok, so no one else can yet, but they will soon ( insert evil laugh now..mwhaaa), you know what I am talking about, don’t you ladies.We have had a serious problem with huntsman (spiders) in our house right now. We have had 9 in our house in the last two weeks, I have found all but two. I hate them, they are so scary for me, it is the only time you will find me screaming. I have to be honest and say that it is actually Alycia and Stephanie who kill the majority of them. I tried spraying¬†lavender¬†on the windows, because I read that they don’t like the smell. Well, don’t believe everything you ¬†read :/ I have been bitten by a huntsman, it was ¬†red ¬†and smaller. It was in my washing up glove. Boy, did it hurt. I was pregnant at the time, so I called the poison info, my finger swelled straight away, but went down in an hour. So now, Alycia thinks that I am attracting them because I have their venom in my blood. Lovely thought.

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