Dec 01 2012

Finished, Kinda, Sorta.

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My time is up! November has gone, and I have not lost 36 kilos, but 20! Although it has made a difference to me, It is still disappointing. I have to be honest, it was easy to stay motivated for about 4 months, afterall people where supporting me financially, I was exercising and everything was falling into place. I lost 2o kilos quite easily, and loved maxing out the credit card buying some new clothes that don’t look as big as a three man tent! Then suddenly, my thinking changed. I lost some more weight, but then put it back on, so that is where I am at. 20 kilos. Now is it the end? Well, it is for the finacial support to the children’s home in India, but I will continue and try to be a good girl again. I am a little sad that the home won’t get as much money as I hoped, but they will still get about 13oo dollars if everyone pays. That should help out right? I have to be honest and say that I have to really loose another 3o kilos to be “normal”, but wobbly skin might/ will  be an issue. I have been blessed in the last month of having someone offer me their weight machine, this nearly made me cry, cause seriously, it will make a difference.   I hope you can see a difference.  Thank you to anyone who has sponsered me. I will list my bank details so you can direct deposit with “India” as the deposit word. I will send you a receipt and a thankful heart ( not literally cause I only have one, and if I gave it to you, it would defeat the purpose of trying to get healthy right?), you know what I mean though right? I am thankful.Before…marshmellow ladyAfter…slightly smaller marshmellow. The biggest difference has been in my face.  Anyhow..these are my details.

Cassie Hood

BSB 704230

Account number 417556

Police Credit Co Op.


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