Jul 16 2012

Back to Basics

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School has started again, so we are back to basics, and I am glad of it. Who would think that such a routine would be enjoyable. Holidays are great, but I find that housework and the like are left to fend for themselves (which obviously they don’t). I had Lachlan home, so I got him to tutor Alycia, bonus! Camden and Steph got to work on their own, and Cassandra stuck with me. As a bonus today, we made some homemade icecream. I found a recipe in a library book by Annabel Karmel. I love her children’s cook books, they are sweet and pretty. Here is the recipe.It was nom nom nom…Cassandra was very proud of herself. She got to use the mixer (hand held) by herself. It was so funny to see the cream flying all over the place.Whip, stir, mix…Then eat 😀

Have you seen these cans? My children bought one home from the reject shop for me after seeing one of their friends with them. It is an instant hot chocolate. You push a button, then shake it, and then it heats up. This might be handy to have when I wait in the car on a cold night…oh yeah!I was collecting the library books last night, and only just discovered that I had borrowed two copies of the same book!! How lame am I? SERIOUSLY!! Should I admit that I actually bought the book this week too? Do you like my bruise? I don’t know what caused it. I got it the first time I rode my bike, a week later with the next ride it got bigger. That can’t be good right? Oh well, we will see what happens next week. For two weeks in a row I have had a white van toot at me and yell stuff (thankfully I am deaf, so I can’t hear them bagging me), I hope that I don’t see them next Saturday. Maybe I will think of them as my groupies. I can get away with that can’t I?

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  1. Shezon 16 Jul 2012 at 10:37 pm

    that ice-cream looks so yummy,and that can of hot choc looks interesting,that bruise doesnt look good.xx

  2. Sue Neitzelon 17 Jul 2012 at 6:14 am

    Hi Cassie, were partners for my Xmas in July swap at Country Pleasures so email me soon. Thanks. Sue

  3. Shezon 26 Jul 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Hi Cassie my parcel arrived today thankyou so very much i loved everything so much,you put a lot of time and thought into my parcel and i am rapped,hope you like your parcel also going in the mail tomorrow-Friday.xx
    ps thankyou for being a fantastic swap partner.

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