Sep 21 2008

Two services, a luncheon and a nap!

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Today the whole family worshipped at the same service. We went to Essedon and Clifton Hill pressie church, once the first service is over, you get time to say hi, and then you are off to the next one. Jared has enjoyed his 3 months preaching at these churches, as they were eager to learn and friendly. It was nice to hear Jared preach again. One thing for sure, they love their regular minister, and speak very highly of him and his wife. After the two services they held a luncheon for us, we were very spoiled, it was nice. Once home Cassandra fell asleep, exhausted!

Alycia went off to Nana’s and G’pas this afternoon for a sleep over, and tommorow, she will spend the day with my sister, Nicky. My sister has taken each of my children (except Cassandra) out for a whole day of fun, with their choice of activity. Steph went to the Botanical gardens and then shopping, Camden went to see Kung Fu panda AND Luna Park, and Lachlan went to see the cartoon star wars movie. Alycia has choosen bowling, and perhaps the Wallie movie. How spoilt are they?

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