Mar 08 2012

A Mixed Day

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Today I went to my Great Uncle’s funeral, he was 89. My heart broke for his widow. I always think this is one of the worst things, to loose your dearest and best friend. They had been together for over 60 years, how do you carry on? I pray that God will give her comfort and strength to continue living with Joy.My dad is on the right, next to my sister then mum. My auntie and uncle are on the other side, I pretty much see them at weddings and funerals. Um, I must make a bit of an effort to see them on an average day….Yesterday I peeled and let soak most of these tomatoes. I made up about 6 Kg worth. When I got home, I had to cook them up. Tomatoe relish, yum! This is my mums recipe.

1.5KG  ripe tomatoes           2 Tbspoon of plain flour

500g onions                             1   1/2 TBspoon of mustard

1/2 cup of caster sugar        1 TBspoon of curry powder

1/2 teaspoon of chilli flakes

Skin tomatoes by  making a cross on the top and bottom of the tomatoe, then boil them for 4 min, then immerse them in cold water. You can now easily peel off the skin. Add the chopped onion and tomatoe into a pot, and leave over night. Next day add just enough vinegar to cover tomatoe mixture and boil for 1 hr. Moisten dry ingredients with a little vinegar then add to tom. mixture, until it thickens. Now bottle it, and enjoy it. Remember to sterilize the jars 😀

I made up at least 12 jars, some are huge!Nom, nom nom.I decided to make my own soap on tap too. For one bar of soap, you use 4 cups of water ( I did double so I used two). You boil the water and then add the grated soap. I left it for a while and the whole pot went solid, so I added another 8 cups! I filled a lot of empty containers that I had kept for such a task as this.Look how much of it, I now have.I will now show you a picture of a giant fairy floss….The clothes are lovely, it’s the person inside them that’s the problem. I will address that problem tomorrow, stay tuned. Oh, and remember I have a giveaway here: just leave a comment for your chance to win.

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