Sep 20 2008

Melbourne show

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Yesterday we went to the Melbourne show (my children and Ellie). We got there first thing in the morning, had one person in line in front of us as we bought the tickets, and parket at the local primary school just across the road. This year because of Ellie, I was talked into getting onto the rides (well, two of them anyway). Alycia was very game, and even Camden, but my two older children had more sense and refused to have anything to do with such dizzy nonsense! My camera decided to die, so the photos that I took are no longer….and I had such cute photos of Cassandra with the piglets! Yes, it costs a fortune, it cost $67 just to get in. I had $100 for show bags for the five children, but thankfully there is a lot to do for free. The highlight was watching the pigs race, and even dive…is that cruel?

Today I went and bought more cardboard for the final items for Dayspring Day, and once again cut and laminated. Now I will search for a picture until Steph downloads her phone photos.

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