Feb 07 2012

My Big Girl

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My Big girl, Stephanie (16), has gone off to India. Wow, she has nearly been away for a week, it is sooooooooo quiet. I wake up, and the first thing I do is pray for her, and the it is the last thing I do at night. She will be working in an orphanage teaching and playing with them, and also doing some maintenance etc. She is with 13 other people. There is an older couple acting as mumma and pappa. She was one excited girl at the airport, and then suddenly she went quiet.This is her team.Besides hearing from her from Singapore Airport inbetween flights, we haven’t heard from her!! I know that someone over there has a phone, because that girl called me to say that she heard that Steph arrived, so……? Ugh!!  After we watched our girl walk through the international flight area, we went of to a friends house.  Cassandra was running around the house with their son, when they banged into eachother. Ouch, what a bruise she got.oh yeah, I take photos of everything. A couple of days later, she had nasty bruises under her eyes as well.Poor little thing. She is ok otherwise. In between we have had a few visitors for tea. One of Lachlan’s friend’s family, another family who is interested in homeschooling. We have been to the zoo, with a lovely family. Busy, busy. Now it is back to the school routine. Although I must admit, I wagged this morning to go and visit my mother :D. Check out this cup that I bought last week. I know, it’s kitch, but I love it, and at $2.99, how could I walk past?Look at these cool items! My friend Jayni who is in Malawi right now with her family, gave them to us. I was so excited.  They have been given to the girls of the Hood family. Some lovely papers, stamps, ink pads and this gorgeous owl punch. I admit it, I had a little play before the girls, but they will get to play too, I promise 😀 Thank you Jayni and Craig, you are very generous to think of us, when you are so busy as it is. If you are reading this Jayni, I admire you so much, not because of your gift to us, but because of your gift of  serving others in Malawi, especially the little children. Can’t wait until you get back to Aust. and we can have a good catch up.Check out my creative Dad. He made this echidna!! I was impressed. I’m thinking of selling it on ebay for him, do you think anyone would buy it for their garden? It has feet, and a nose. I love seeing my parents getting crafty.

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