Feb 07 2012


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That’s what you will think of me once I have finished this post. Ok, so we have been busy like everyone else in the world, but I will attempt to give you some details about what we have been up too. Now you know that we have been to Bright. I enjoyed the time with just Jared, and Camden and Cassandra. I loved the river.Yeah, I’m the big black blob in the middle holding the blow up duva. I was on parent duty while Cassandra jumped from the board, and Camden slipped down the slide. Every day we also dropped into the local milkshake shop. Jared insisted on tasting everyone type of hot chocolate. He even lashed out and bought lollies for the kiddies.How long is that chewing gum!! When we got home from the week of holidays, we picked up the older three from The Presbyterian Youth camp. They had a lovely time and learn’t alot about relationships.We spent the week at home, but Jared kept saying “let’s go out, I’m bored”, so off we went shopping. This photo makes me laugh. It was at the DFO near Mordialloc airport. I just wanted to get home and catch up with the washing!!The next week, we were very much blessed to be offered someone’s house to stay in for the week in Anglesea. We enjoyed the beach, walks and long drives. It was lovely to have the whole family together for the entire week.I tried my hand at being creative. I particularly enjoy the pic of Stephanie.We drove to different places and met up with some friends, and some…well, not friends.

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