Sep 18 2008

A Visit to Grandma's and G'pa's.

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Today the children and I went off to Buln Buln to visit Jared’s grandparents. They are in their 80’s and they are doing very well. I do feel bad that I don’t visit them more often as it is clear that they would like to spend more time with all of their family. The last time we saw them was for Jared’s birthday in June! I do speak regularly on the phone, but due to so many sickiesthe last few months it was just put off. So it was good to see them.

 I think that these days women get so busy, and have so little time, that elderly people get forgotten. I know I am guilty of that, even though I try and remember, life just goes so fast! The Bible talks about looking after your family, especially when they are of the household of faith. Our time will come soon enough, and you set an example to your children on how you want to be treated, so don’t forget. Some older people can be critical, but that just means it will test your character. Everyone wants to be loved, so be patient, and treat them as you would want to be treated.

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