Dec 18 2011

A Week of Business

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We had a lovely baby shower. The ladies were very quiet, I felt like a hyped up toddler. Jared said that all he heard from up stair was me..opps.Do you like our decorations? We also made a baby from fruit salad. Sounds weird huh, but it looks cute don’t you think?I got the idea from Tip junkie. Straight after the baby shower we went to Clifton Hill for their carol  service. Sunday we went to Broadford Church, where Jared preached. I love Jared’s preaching. After Church we shared lunch with everyone, they do that every week. I love this idea, too bad more churches don’t do it, it’s great for fellowship. Cassandra discovered many fruit trees, so she started to collect them, and now we have some in a brown bag waiting to ripen.We went and watched Sleeping Beauty, a ballet, staring Ellie, our next door neighbour. Ellie is such a lovely dancer. We also went and bought me a bike, cool!! They didn’t have any in the Bayswater store of Anaconda, so I called the DFO at Sth Wharf and they did, so we went in and bought it. I was sooooooooo excited, it is my dream bike. Jared went in to put it into the car, but it didn’t fit, ugh! Jared said I should catch the train home with it, noooooo. That freaked me out, after all I wouldn’t get home until 9pm. I went back and begged them to send it to the Bayswater store, and they kindly offered to send a boxed one to Bayswater, so now I am waiting for my call. Here is a picture of Jared with my bike.We had a lovely walk around the city as well. Camden looks a little like a ballerina here. He jumps with grace 😀Of course we had to get slurpees.This why I don’t like going shopping with Jared. I love him, but boy does he rev the kiddies up. The whole time they are tripping each other over and punching  each other. Keeps life interesting huh?I made a few gingerbread men. I gave one to a friend last night when we went to their house for a carols night. It was a lovely night.Yesterday I made a skirt for Alycia and then a matching rose for a plain T-shirt. This is such a simple skirt. You are just sewing selvage to selvage, then you turn down the waist to make an elastic casing, then do the same with a smaller amount of fabric, and join it on, simple!! The rose was from a Tilda pattern book.I nearly forgot the cookies!!! I joined it on  a cookie swap. /We all made 6 dozen cookies of the same type, wrapped them up, and then went to someones house, and did a major swap. It was such a fun swap. People dressed up, we played some games, and then took 6 different lots of cookies home.Today we went to Broadford again today, then to Essendon for a carols service. We finished this evening by finding this visitor in our shower.I don’t like these visitors, in fact, I want them dead.

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  1. Bronon 19 Dec 2011 at 12:50 am

    Wow you have crammed alot of fun things into a week… the bike xx

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