Nov 11 2011

The Duggars.

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A couple of months ago, I sent a letter and a tube of Vegemite to the Duggars. I was asking for a favour. I was hoping that they might write a note to a young lady who was getting married. I must admit I was disappointed that they didn’t write back in time, but today….I recieved a postcard from them. Ok, so it wasn’t for the young lady that I wrote for, but for me. I was still thrilled.On the back was a little message, and what I love is that the postcard had the gospel printed on it. What a wonderful opportunity that they have to share the gospel with people who write to them.Today Jared took the children (except for Stephanie) to get the car serviced. He potted around the city with three (while Lachlan was at school). Stephanie and I went up to Sassafras which is only 5 mins away. ┬áThere are some cool shops there, particularly the toy shop. I love buying toys to put away in the present cupboard ready for a pressie for someone special. This is what I bought.I said to Steph, “when I die, empty the present cupboard quickly, because when someone sees it, I will look like a nut”, Steph said “perhaps I could hand them out at your funeral?” That girl cracks me up! Seriously though, I would like Bibles handed out at my funeral, when people walk out the door. After all it is the greatest treasure. To read for yourself of God’s grace to us. while we were sinners, Christ died for us.

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