Nov 24 2011

Tilda Swap Recieved

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On Wednesday I recieved my swap from my swap buddy, Leanne. It is always an exciting event to get a parcel in the mail, filled with individually wrapped presents. Take a look at what Leanne made up for me.As you can see, Jared has so kindly fixed my blog for me, so I could actually show you these goodies. Sorry, Leanne that it took so long to show everyone. I have done a few interesting things in the last week, so let me show you.

I melted some crayons and re shaped them. I will not do this again, I have stained a few things green. I have ¬†thrown them out…..FAIL!My sister let me borrow the Dvd’s “Against the Wind”. It is an Australian drama made in the 80’s about the colonial settlement in the late 1700s. I noted the above scene, the lady is drinking from a cup. I paused it, and ran off to my cupboard to see this..Snap!I taught Cassandra a new skill this week. We cleaned the floor grooves with toothpaste. It worked a charm. Don’t ever throw your toothbrushes out folks, they have so many uses.Do you like my little doll I made? The pattern is from a Tilda book. I put a couple of flat marbles at the base to make it sit well. I have also done some more sewing, but I haven’t taken photos yet, so I had better get to it.

We had a family Church BBQ at our house last weekend. We have been at a different church for a while, so we wanted to catch up with our home church. We had about 35 people in total. It was a shame that it rained, but everyone fit into the house alright. It was a lovely day of fellowship.

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