Nov 09 2011

Bagels and cookies

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Yesterday I spent a bit of time looking for my bagel recipe only to find that the website has now closed, ugh! Why didn’t I write down my recipe? So I searched for another, and found a suitable one. They were so easy to make, I didn’t even have to wait for the dough to rise for an hour.They are very yummy.My second batch looked better, I had to make the holes bigger (but I didn’t take a photo of those), you have to take my word  that they tasted yummy. Oh, yeah, I also made some cookies, nom, nom, nom.

Apart from cooking, finishing off school for the year (we still have a few weeks to go), we are still applying for visas for STeph, thus the photo..Haha, this makes me laugh! Meanwhile, Alycia is going through a growth spurt. She is so lethargic, I remember Steph being like that at the same age. The weird thing is the skin around her eye is breaking down too, the exact thing happened to Steph. She wasn’t so out of it, that she couldn’t make a happy animal out of her apple though.Can you see all my vases? I gave them a little clean with some salt and water today, works a charm. I learn’t this trick from “How Clean is Your House”. I also cleaned my pantry again!! Don’t you love this picture? A lady in the Church that Jared sometimes preaches at gave it to us.This is my first ever cross stitch. I made it for Jared when I was about 19. It means Scripture (the Bible), Grace  and Faith alone. You can only find out who God is and what he requires of us by reading the Bible. You can only be saved by Grace (God saves us despite us, not because of any good thing we have done), and faith alone ( a free gift).

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