Nov 03 2011

Random Night.

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I’m back, did you miss me? This is a random night when I am actually at home. This when I usually blog, so that is why I have trailed off a bit.  I have so much to tell you, but perhaps I will just start off with today, seeing as it is fresh in my memory.Today we headed off to visit my sister in Rosebud. Stephanie drove to Keysborough where we met mum, and then we drove on together. We got to my sisters, and then looked at the garden, her house (she is having some renos done), patted her pets and then went shopping! I bought this nice jug at an antique shop. I liked it, and when mum said that it was a bargain, it convinced me.When I bought it home, Jared looked at me in a weird way, but as soon as I said “mum says it’s great value, and that it is the real deal”, he perked up a bit ( he knows my mum has great taste). I also found a dress for Cassandra which my sister bought for her, and tucked away near the ground I found a old dear friend, Snoopy!I had one just like this when I was younger. Now, I know that this looks like some kind of freaky Pixie photo, but isn’t he cute? My sister bought that for me too. Yeah, we made her broke. I also found two books that I was excited to find.Alycia saw this cushion that she would like to copy. We also went into a lovely craft shop, and my mumma found me a lovely little Chrissy present ( I will have to be patient, and put it out of my memory), yeah right!

Overall we had a lovely day. We also had lunch, and my sister gave me a bunch of smurfs (yeah, I know I sound nutty). Stephanie said today that I will be a nutty old lady who has to have a separate house to put all her toys in..(what does she mean old?). I will show you my collection soon.

This long weekend I also did some sewing.I made a mini banner which I think is sweet, and a couple of bears (from the Tilda Christmas book).I also made some bibs for a pressie, and posted off my Tilda swap. I will show pictures once my buddy has the gift. On a side note, I now understand why Jared keeps turning this picture away, or putting it elsewhere. It does look a little like a funeral notice. He should know, he had to make a lot of funeral notices for all the funerals he has officiated over. He always put the picture in an oval frame. I will now need to go shopping for a square frame, pff!

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