Oct 10 2011

Phew, it’s Over!

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Yay!, Dayspring Day is over. I am always relieved when I haven’t forgotten anything and the day goes well. Although I had a smaller number this year, I thought that it went really well. I had a young fellow dress as a knight for me, he was Sir Jesse, he did a fantastic job.He taught us to be faithful, and to be prepared to give an account of the hope that is within you. This young knight is training to be a teacher, and I can already see that he will be a great one.I had a girl knight called Theophilus meaning lover of God. She taught the children about the armour of God. She did a great job despite not being an outgoing person. She loves the Lord, so she pushed herself to stand and talk. I was very proud of her.

My children all played a part. Stephanie and Lachlan were the pray twins. They did a little talk about praying “Knight, and day”, praying without ceasing. Don’t you think they look cute?I had Camden act as Stamp Boy, and he was also a Knight who set Cassandra free with the Word of God. I haven’t got a photo of them :C, the batteries ran out at the exact time, blah!

I had a friend Alison run the games, which kept the children busy and entertained. She is shining star. We also made ice cream.

We talked about reading our Bibles faithfully. I give out a special medal to children that have either listened to their parents read them Bible stories, or to children who read the Bible themselves. Last year I had a 12 year old read through the entire Bible, I was so thrilled with him. My 9 year old Camden read through most of the NT this year. I can tell that he has been reading it, because his understanding has grown. Me? I read it through again this year, I need to prove that you can do it easily. In fact if you want to read it in a year, it is only a few chapters a day! Time to start again 😀We also had some visitors  stay with us too, so it was a busy, but fun week. On Sat. I went to a sewing bee for a couple of a couple of hours, then drove home to pick up the rest of the family, drop Stephanie off to her music taping, then went to the “March for the Babies”.About 1000 people turned up to walk for the protection of babies in the womb. Last time we did one of these walks, we walked in silence, I think that works better. I felt a little freaky with people screaming out stuff.  Of course we had people scream at us by the time we reached parliament stairs. A wild woman was screaming about choices. I really recommend you having a look at this You Tube video. I would love to be able speak so clearly and calmly to people.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y2KsU_dhwI The movie is called 180.And for a less serious side note, take a look at what my hubby bought me. I think I did a little dance when I saw these in the shop. I was suppose to wait until Christmas, but Jared gave it to me two hours later ( don’t you just love that?)

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