Sep 15 2008

Lovely to be Greeted.

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We came home from our homeschooling day to be greeted by a cheeky faced Jared through the upstairs window. Being not 100% yet, he decided to stay at home and work, thus we had a nice home greeting. It is really nice to come home to a smiling face!

 My mother always showed by example how to greet my dad. When he came home, we got up and met him at the door. In my adult years I have been amazed at the amount of women who do not get up to greet their husbands when they get home, some give little more than a grunt of acknowledgement! So ladies, when your husband comes in from a day at work, show him that you are happy to have him home, drop what you are doing (unless you are holding a baby), and go and meet him.

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