Sep 02 2011

Catching Up with My News…

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I can’t actually remember much from the last few weeks, so I will have to check my photos.  My kiddies have all been working hard for some cash. Lachlan has just got a lawn mowing job, it takes a couple of hours, but the people are very generous paying. The same people have been paying Alycia to make her lemon cakes for $5 a pop, and Steph gets paid for her piano lessons, and for a crocheted turtle. Narelle, I hope that we are not going to make you broke.Last week Cassandra had her own fashion creation, she kept wearing a scarf around her neck, looks a little Parisian don’t you think?This beautiful bassinet was given to us, to pass on to a single mum. Isn’t it lovely? It comes with a stand. The bassinet was like new, so lovely.I have my kiddies working again, here is Alycia laminating. I have to make 160 packets with 30 missionary families in each. I also have to make 160 packets to hold them, ugh!Oh, my Mr Men and Little Miss have multiplied.Steph has made another toy, a crocheted panda. The girl named it Pete Panda, and he evidently has his own Facebook account now. Toys are so advanced these days…I recently bought some clippers, I gave up and got Steph to take over. She did an alright job. The next day I did Camden’s hair and totally hacked it. He actually had some bald spots, oppsie!I saw this nifty little trick with a banana so I had to give it a try. I had to poke a pin into letters, and as time goes on during the day, the letters get darker. It would be a cute lunch time treat to find in your lunch box, don’t you think?I thought the above sticker was clever.I like this one too.

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