Jul 31 2011


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A whole week without blogging? Naughty me, aren’t I lazy. You know how it is though, sometimes you just can’t be bothered. The week has been full with different outtings, and with some sickies. Now let me think…

Sunday..Jared has just accepted being the moderator of Essendon and Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church (that means that he is preaching there until they get a new minister). One of the older ladies in the church gave us a huge tin of lollies, yum. Monday we had the usual, Girls Brigade and school, Tuesday I helped look after some children at the college so the mums could go and listen to Ed Welch. I really enjoyed the time, although I was soooo tired afterwards. We had a visitor stay but unfortunately I couldn’t be a very good host, because I had to take Steph to her music and sit in the car for 2 hours, and then take her to Boxhill for a meeting about her trip to India (set for early FEb 2012). Instead of ¬†waiting in the car this time, I went in and became a “fifth” wheel. It was warm. Wednesday, beside school and general tidy up, I had my visitor again, and again, I had to go out at night to take Steph to Music, and got home at 10 again. So much for enjoying my visitor. Wednesday, I had some sickies with the flu, so I sat them outside in the afternoon to kill those nasty germs.this is Alycia, next here is me and my little buddy.It was very nice and warm, lovely.Cassandra went and cut up some carrots for a snack.As part of Camden’s school work, I asked him to write about a Bible Story and how to apply it to our lives. Now, we obviously have to work on the spelling, but I thought that he did an alright job, he even made three points. Jared got him to preach it for us.On Friday night Camden went to a Boys Brigade fun night.Sat we went shopping, for nothing in particular. Steph was at a Girls brigade camp, so it was quiet (she must make all of the noise), or perhaps it was because I had Lachlan and Alycia home sick?

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