Jul 22 2011


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Oh man, look at these photos, how ugly! I had to go and get a Working with Childrens check” ready for helping out with child care at the Pressie College when Ed Welch will be talking for the week. So these are my photos. They told me to take off my glasses, and not smile. Ugh!

Last night the power went off for an hour and a half, at first I thought How annoying, but then….the children came alive. The house was in total darkness, but I remembered finding a packet of glowsticks in the boys room, only the day before. So although it looks like we can see each other clearly.When I wasn’t taking a photo with the flash on, this is what we really looked like.We all played Murder in the Dark, Lachlan was very scary jumping out, or hiding behind a chair, and then grabbing my leg when I walked past.

I am so glad that it is the weekend already, and that I don’t have to take Lachlan to sport tomorrow, phew, a day at home. This week we have been back to the whole school routine, and extra’s including an evening meeting at college where I got home at 10 something, the same for Wed. It has been a week where I have felt completely dumb. I have finally concluded that I am one of the dumbest women that I know, well, actually I have always known that, although I find it frustrating to know it. I am thankful that it is God who gives wisdom though, so I am thankful for His Word, and the truth that He reveals to us.

I heard someone say that they wanted to buy some champagne glasses for a wedding, and about how expensive they are. I suggested the op shop. So I went searching. The mum said not to pay more than $2 a glass, I found these for 30c each, bargain! So I bought 24 in total. If they are happy with the ones I have, I will look for more for them.We went to visit our great grandparents on Thursday too, they live just over an hour away. I also went to Rosebud on Monday to drop off some goodies. Do you believe that my big blue van has drunk $160 worth of petrol this week? Ok, so it’ s not empty yet, but it should explain why I borrowed some money off one of my daughters.Do you like this Hello Kitty Pillow? I found this at an op shop for $2.50. It unzips to reveal a blanket, cool eh? I have also been buying plain pillowcases to make into bags for DSD. So far I have 50.Ok, so this might not really be funny, but it made me laugh.Saying that, have a look at these Ice.cream cookies I think that I will need to make some of these for a bit of a treat. Find them here:http://brandyscrafts.blogspot.com/2011/06/perfect-sandwich-cookie.html

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